Giving advice and warning.

A. Asking for advice

a. Do you think I ought to call the police?

b. What do you think I should buy him for his birthday?

c. Do you have any ideas about how I can sell my motorbike?

d. Should I try to talk with him about this matter again?

e. If you were me, what would you tell her?

f. If you were in my position, would you forgive me?

g. Do you have any advices for me?

h. Can you give me an advice?

i. Do you have any recommendations about good transportation to Manchester?

j. Can you recommend a suitable menu for dinner?

B. Giving advice

– To do something

a. I think you’d better …..

b. If I were you, I’d ….

c. It would probably be a good idea ….. .

d. Take my advice and …. .

e. I advice you to ….. .

f. How about …… ?

– Not to do something

a. I don’t think you should ….

b. I would not …, If I were you.

c. You’d better not …

C. Giving warnings

a. Be careful of ….

b. Make sure you …

c. Be careful!

d. Look out!

e. Watch out!

f. Make sure you don’t …


Dialogue: Giving Advice

Mariona: Hi Clàudia, You look worried. What’s the matter?
Clàudia: Er.. it’s nothing.
Mariona: Is it the exam tomorrow? You shouldn’t worry. You’ll pass easily.
Clàudia: I know.
Mariona: Come on, tell me. What are you worried about?
Clàudia: OK… it’s Mark. I think he has started smoking. I was talking to him yesterday about this topic and he says me that isn’t smoking.
Mariona: That’s serious. What are you going to do?
Clàudia: I’m not sure. I should tell someone. What do you think I should do?
Mariona: If I were you, I’d speak to his older sister. She’s really friendly.
Clàudia: I’ve never met her. Can you com with me?
Mariona: Yes, of course. Let’s go and find her.


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