Belajar Waktu/Talking Time

Belajar Jam
Dalam bahasa Inggris, terdapat cara cara tertentu mengucapkan jam, sama seperti dalam bahasa Indonesia. Untuk lebih kelasnya bisa dibaca penjelasan berikut, tapi dalam bahasa Inggris ya.

Talk about Time

Study these following examples:

1. 07: 10: It is ten past seven

2. 06. 05: It is six five

3. 11. 30: It is eleven thirty

4. 09. 30: It is a half past nine

5. 05. 15: It is five fifteen

6. 08. 15: It is a quarter past eight

7. 10. 50: It is ten fifty

8. 12. 40: It is twenty to one

There are two common ways of telling the time.

• Say the hours first and then the minutes.

Example: 7:45 – seven forty-five

• Say the minutes first and then the hours. Use past and the preceding hour for minutes 01 through 30. Use to and the forthcoming hour for minutes 31 through 59.

Example: 7.15 – fifteen minutes past seven

Example: 7.45 – fifteen minutes to eight

Another possibility of saying ’15 minutes past’ is: a quarter past

Another possibility of saying ’15 minutes to’ is: a quarter to

Observe this picture below:

gambarnya ilang, nanti dulu


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