surprise and amazement expression


Part A: Choose the best response to the following expressions!

  1. “Guess what? Sammy asked me to marry him!”

a. I don’t think so.                                        d. My God! That’s really surprising.

b. Thanks for telling me about it.                  e. I hope that’s not right.

c. I think you’re right.

2. “Hey. I got good news for you. Peterpan is going to come to our school!”

a. What are you talking about?                     d. I like the Peter Pan story.

b. Congratulation!                                        e. I guess they’re not really coming.

c. My goodness! Is that true?

3. “Hey, have you heard this? Twenty one were killed in a car accident in Jakarta.”

a. Yes, I went to Jakarta by car.

b. Yes, I saw a car accident last week.         

c. I went to Jakarta with twenty people in my bus.

d. I heard that the other twenty were safe.

e. Oh, my God! I hope the information is not correct.

4. “Have you heard this? The smartest student in our school, failed in the exam.”

a. Did he? I can’t believe it!                          d. Yes, I know that Adi and Ari are smart.

b. I don’t really know about Adi.                   e. You must have done something wrong.

c. I know that Adi has a twin brother, Ari.

5. “Hey, our team defeated Myanmar 3 – 0 in the football game last night.”

a. Really? You must be joking!                     d. I’m not sure about it.

b. That’s not true.                                        e. I hope you are mistaken.

c. You must have said something wrong.

Part B: Answer the questions based on the dialogues!

6.  Man            : Diana, have you heard about Ryan?

Woman       : Ryan who?

Man            : The killer of eleven people in East Java is a shy boy named Ryan.

Woman       : My God! This can’t be true.

Question     : Why was the woman surprised?

a. She didn’t know about the murder.            d. She didn’t think that the killer was a shy boy.

b. She didn’t hear what the man told her.      e. She didn’t like hearing about a murder.

c. She knew that the man was the murderer.

7.  Man            : Hey, you won’t believe this. Linda finally would marry me.

Woman       : Really? You said she wanted to break her relationship with you.

Man            : Yeah. She did, but yesterday she said yes when I asked her to marry me.

Question     : What was the man going to do?

a. He would marry Linda.                             d. He would ask her to arrange his wedding.

b. He would break his relationship.               e. He would ask the woman to marry him.

c. He would marry another woman.

8. Woman       : God!

Man            : What happens?

Woman       : Look at the woman over there, in front of the shop. She’s Rossi, isn’t she?

Man            : You’re right. When did Rossi come home from Australia?

Question     : Why was the woman surprised?

a. She caught Rossi walk with her friend.                  d. Rossi but she didn’t recognize her.

b. She believed Rossi was in the shop.                    e. She saw Rossi walk with another man.

c. She couldn’t believe Rossi has come back.

9. Man            : My God!

Woman       : What happens?

Man            : Look. I lost the data that I’ve typed the whole day, yesterday.

Woman       : This can’t be true. We need the data for our presentation tomorrow.

Question     : What would the woman and the man probably do?

a. Make a presentation tonight.                    d. Ask a person to make the presentation.

b. Retype the data for the presentation.        e. Collect data again.

c. Use the data in their presentation.

10.  Woman       : Oh, my God! I can’t believe this!

Man            : What’s up?

Woman       : How can my room be in such a mess?

Man            : You forgot to lock the door before you left.

Woman       : And?

Man            : And your nephew bought his friends to play in your room.

Question     : What happened to the woman’s room?

a. She didn’t like the colour.                                                 d. Nothing bad really happened to her room.

b. It was used by her nephew to sleep.                     e. It was like a mess when she came home.

c. It was one of the rooms in a boarding house.


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