preposition of place

The prepositions at, on, and in


We use at to show a specific place or position.

    For example:

∙ Someone is at the door.

∙ I used to live at 51 Portland Street.


We use on to show position on a horizontal or vertical surface.

    For example:

∙ The cat sat on the mat.

∙ The satellite dish is on the roof.

We use in to show that something is enclosed or surrounded.

For example:

∙ The dog is in the garden.

∙ She is in a taxi.


We also use in to show position within land-areas (towns, counties, states, countries, and continents).

For example:

∙  I used to live in Nottingham.


Other prepositions:


∙ I enjoy being among my friends.


∙ The car park is behind the building.


∙ I held the pen            between my thumb and fingers.

in front of                     

∙ The teacher stands in front of the class.

next to / beside / by

∙ In my English lesson I always sit next to/beside/by my friend.


∙ The sign hanging over/above the door read ‘No smoking’.

∙ I put the tablecloth over the table.

under / below               

∙ The temperature outside was under/below 0.

∙ The woman was sheltering under a tree.


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