Dalam bahasa Inggris, ada jenis kalimat yang digunakan untuk menunjukkan kesukaan kita pada suatu hal tertentu. Kalimat itu sering disebut Preference. Untuk lebih jelasnya pelajari penjelasan berikut ini dan kerjakan soal-soalnya:

Grammar focus: Preference

We often use words like prefer, would prefer, and would rather to talk or ask about preferences. For instants:

∙ I prefer living on my own.

Would you prefer to see a movie or go to a club?

Would you rather go shopping with me?”

Those expressions are quite different in meaning and this is why learners of English often find them challenging. So here is how we can separate them:

Difference in meaning:

We tend to use ‘prefer‘ to talk generally about likes, dislikes, what we want.

“He prefers reading books.”

“I prefer going to the beach than going to a swimming pool.”

The expressions ‘would prefer‘ and ‘would rather’, to be a little more specific.

“I would prefer to see him in person.”

“I would rather go home now.”

Difference in form:

Followed by a different verb form:

“I prefer living in a city.” (followed by the gerund; the ‘-ing‘ ending)

“I would prefer to be told the truth.” (followed by the infinitive; to+ the verb)

“Would you rather stay at a hotel?” (followed by the base form of the verb; the verb without ‘to’.

Different prepositions to state the choice.

prefer, would prefer – go with ‘to

“I’d prefer living in a city to living in the country.”

“I would (I’d) prefer being alone to being with the wrong person”.

would rather – goes with ‘than

“I would (I’d) rather talk to him in person than call him on the phone.”

Task 12

Choose the right answer.

1. He ‘d like to go to Canada whereas his wife … go to Mexico.

a. would prefer to

b. would prefer

c. would rather to

2. Her husband … rent a house.

a. would rather

b. would rather to

c. would prefer

3. Mrs Martin … to stay in a hotel.

a. prefer

b. would rather

c. would prefer

4. My sister would like to have fun on Bondi Beach but I would … to go on a cruise.

a. prefer

b. rather to

c. prefer to

5. My wife would like to rent a house in New York but I would … camp in the desert.

a. prefer

b. rather

c. rather to

6. My wife would like to visit a museum, but I would … to go to Ayers Rock.

a. rather

b. prefer

c. like

7. I would … become a scubadiver.

a. prefer

b. rather

c. rather to

8. I would … not to become a computer programmer.

a. prefer

b. rather

c. prefer to


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