latihan/exercises comparison degreee

Choose the correct alternative for each sentence. (Comparatives or Superlatives)


1. I think that’s _____ film I’ve ever seen

a) the funnier than  b) the funny                          c) the funniest                      d) the funnier


2. Is football the _____ sport in Chile?

a) popular                  b) more popular                    c) popularest                         d) most popular


3. Vegetables are _____ last week

a) expensiver than   b)more expensiver tham    c) more expensive than      d) most expensive


4. I think Vladimir is _____ intelligent person in the class

a) more than             b) the most                            c) most                                   d) the more


5. Don’t you think there are _____ things to do on hokidays than watching tv all day?

a) best                        b) bestest                               c) better                                  d) better than


6. Summer is _____ season in our country

a) the hottest             b) hotter than                        c) the hot                               d) hot


7. Groenland has the _____ weather of the world. It’s always raining and snowing

a) bad                         b) worse than                        c) worst                                  d) worsest


8. The Everest is _____ the Aconcagua

a) the highest           b) highest than                     c) the higher than                d) higher than


9. Last week we had _____ day in Santiago, the temperature was –18ºC

a) the colder              b) the coldest                        c) the cold                              d) colder than


10. To fall from a motorcycle is _____ to fall from a bicycle.

a) more painful         b) more painful than           c) painfuller than                 d) the painfullest


11. If you suffer asthma, don’t go to Mexico City. It is one of the _____ cities in the world

a) pollutest                b) more polluted                   c) polluter than                     d) most polluted


12. The _____ place from Chile is Australia. It’s on the other side of the world.

a) farther                    b) farthest                              c) farther than                       d) farthest than


13. I don’t think your bike is _____ mine.

a) fastest than           b) faster                                  c) fastest                                d) faster than


14. Michael was _____ basketball player in the world

a) taller                       b) tallest                                 c) the taller                            d) the tallest


15. Speaking Japanese is _____writing it.

a) the easiest            b) easy                                   c) easier than                        d) easyer than



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